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Terms Of Operation

  1. Pricing: Cheapside
    Africa International Limited is not entitled to change the prices of the
    products listed by the Vendor without the express agreement of the Vendor.
    Pricing can be adjusted 24/7 by the Vendor for any item sold on his account. We
    take your selling price/wholesale price and add our commission based on item or
  2. Customer Relationship Ownership: Cheapside
    Africa International Limited is the owner of the customer relationship and will
    share information or data related to customer only a need to know basis, and
    under the understanding that the Vendor is bound to confidentiality of those
    information, as well as prohibited to use them in any other usage than the one
    expected by the operating of the Seller Center.
  3. Payments terms:
    The Vendor will be paid following the payment term Option agreed with Cheapside
    Africa International Limited and available in Seller Center. Payments are done
    by Bank Transfer or Cash at any of our Branches within 2 working days or either
    agreed on.

Vendors Can also Choose a
payment before pickup by Cheapside Africa International Limited. vendor must
enter its exact and up to date Bank information in the Seller Center. The Vendor understands that the items shipped but
not delivered yet at the moment of the payment are not included in the payment.

Both parties are obliged to treat
confidentially the content of this agreement, as well as all other information
and data they acquire in connection with the partnership, and not use it for
purposes outside the scope of this contract or pass it on to third parties.
This obligation is in force for 1 year after the termination of the contract.
Both parties are obliged to follow privacy laws and handle accordingly all data
related to customers, suppliers and business partners.

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